So You've Started a Hair Loss Business. NOW What?

Thinking about starting a business can be a daunting process. Thoughts of where to begin, who to contact or even how to get this up and running comes to mind.

You see a facebook advert inviting you to invest in a course which is exactly what you need.

3 Weeks later you have your certificate. You've introduced yourself on facebook and instagram as being a fully fledged hair loss consultant in your chosen method and now you wait for your clients to come flooding in.

3 months in you still haven't broke even and now you are wondering what went wrong.

Does this Sound Familiar?

When it comes to starting a new line of business or even a business from scratch there are so many factors that you have to take into consideration that goes beyond attending a training course and marketing your skills.

The world is flooded with so much choice that grabbing attention has resulted in the need to become a spectacle just to be seen.


"Maybe there isn't the market for what I am offering"

When it comes to hair loss 1 in 2 individuals will suffer from hair loss of some form at some point in their life. That sounds like a big enough market to me.

Which brings me back to the question


You have heard the gurus talk about road maps for success, download this template etc.

Yes having a road map of where you are and where you want to be is essential but only if it is unique to you. Downloading a step by step template may have worked for the person that created it but its unlikely to work for you unless you add the secret ingredient which comes from within.

This stuff you simply can't learn from attending a hair loss training course.

This is the stuff you require coaching for.

Attend a free 30 minute session with me and lets get you pointing in the direction of sustainability and growth.

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Why Your Clients are NOT Showing Up for Consultations

Help your students visualize the You must be intentional on the type of clients you would like to see visit your salon and build a community around them so they they feel welcome. You first have to understand who they are.

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Pricing Is so Important when it comes to your clients

Did you know you could be loosing customers simply because of your pricing. There are some things you can't simply swipe from a training course. Pricing Is one of them and this is why.

Want to Learn More ?

Watch Clara's Presentation on Pricing your Products and Services in a way that adds value to your clients.

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