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I launched my first business in 1998. This was the world before smart phones and online dating. Business growth was heavily dependent on the amount of funds you had to throw at advertising. The larger the advertising spend the larger the reach and hence the larger the business would become. This model worked well for large businesses and made the cost of entry difficult for small businesses. Now with the introduction of social media marketing and channels such as Youtube the cost for entry has drastically reduced however, many small businesses are still running business using traditional methods.


Until now you may have been running adverts, actively seeking new clients or running promotions to entice your existing clients to purchase from you. You may also have succeeded in increasing your revenue by using the above approaches.

BUT What if I tell you there is a different way to increase your revenue and grow your business. Would you want to learn more ?

What if I told you there is a reason why change is required ?



Most small business owners are told in order to run a successful business you must adhere to the following steps:

Identify business , determine products, promote products to potentials, service customers and grow business.

This model only works if you are able to increase your customer base revenue over and above the price it costs you to gain them but more importantly this model is redundant and I will tell you why.


Unlike, never before we have choice. Choice means your customers are now in control of their destiny, they can choose what they want, how they want it and with whom they want to work with.

This change has created a new opportunity for small businesses which means you can now run your business, increase your revenues and at the same time reduce costs. But you have to know what to do.


You could tap into a guaranteed way of increasing your revenue with limited cost outlay ?

Would you want to learn more ?

THIS IS 2020 +

Get my 2020 + 5 steps to building and growing your business with increased revenue and reduced costs training course and I will teach you exactly what you need to do using my 5 step process.

I will show you exactly how I have implemented these 5 steps into my business and how I am generating a continuous flow

Plus for a limited time only six weeks free bolt on training courses and access to our facebook training community - This is Marketing live - 

Get training on sales and marketing in the following areas: 

  • Digital marketing for products and services.
  • Using artificial intelligence to grow your business
  • Growing with Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Seeking out partnerships and colabs
  • use of Google Advertising

Plus tons more

You will also get the opportunity to attend a free business walk coaching session with me where I will give you skills and advice to help you with your business challenge.

Worth £427

You can get all of the above for just £27

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