UltraStrands Products

What is UltraStrands?

UltraStrands Hair Volumising solutions are the lightest hair systems available on the market. They have been created for women requiring more volume at the crown. They differ from hair extensions in that volume is added in areas where hair extensions can not be installed.

The volumisers blend in with clients own natural hair giving the scalp ability to breath whilst being ultralight and is virtually invisible to sight and touch.

How is Ultrastrands Created?

The volumisers are created using a very fine transparent monofilament thread which is intertwined into a fish net structure to form a base upon which hair is implanted one strand at a time.

Due to the nature of the base and the manner in which the hair is implanted onto the base, the installation of the volumisers results in a natural fuller look .   

What UltraStrands Products are available?

The UltrasStrands volumisers are available in 5 key product ranges each providing optimal coverage where required.

  1. UltraStrands Mini Smallest volumiser available which is typically placed in the center of the crown or towards the front parting.
  2. UltraStrands Parting Slim volumiser designed to cover the parting section of a client scalp. Can be placed in the center or to either side of center.
  3. UltraStrands Medium Crown Standard volumiser for fine hair on the crown of the head. Common solution for individuals with female pattern baldness or general fine hair at the crown
  4. UltraStrands Large Crown Large volumiser covering both the crown and sides of the head. Solution for individuals with female pattern baldness or general fine at the crown
  5. UltraStrands Full Head solution Largest volumiser covering full head. Typically reserved for clients with thinning all over head and or bald patches.

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